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Step into the heart of wholesome cooking, spotlighting the simplicity and richness of lentils, beans, legumes, and pulses. Here, we celebrate the humble yet mighty ingredients. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or just starting your culinary journey, this collection offers a spectrum of delightful recipes, emphasizing the versatility and goodness of these ingredients. Join me in savoring the simple pleasures of cooking with lentils and legumes, where every recipe invites you to create delicious moments in the kitchen!

Minestrone soup in a white bowl with spoon in the background.


Chicken lentil enchiladas topped with cilantro and served with sour cream.


Vegetable lentil curry in a blue bowl with two plates of rice and curry in the background.


Lentil stuffed eggplant in a blue baking dish.


Chicken khichdi in white bowl with a spoon inside.


Refried beans in a white bowl with bell peppers and tortilla chips in the background.


Moroccan chickpea salad garnished with cilantro and mint.


A red lentil fritter dipped in ketchup.

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Most Comforting Dal

This dish is pure lentil comfort, ready to warm your belly and show that sometimes, less is more!